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Custom Identity Card Types Suitable for Your business

Looking for a place to print custom Nigerian ID Cards? Kiakiaprint is one of the fastest and most...

Apr 24, 2020   .   4 mins read
Id Cards

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Affordable Canvas print in Lagos
Why Canvas Print Trumps Traditional Photos

Photos are very special. They take you closer to life’s special memories and help you relieve them. By merely looking at them, you remember happy memories. Canvas printed photos help you bring photos for life, making your memories last for...

May 04, 2020   .   4 mins read
Kiakiaprint Photobooks
How To Make A Great Photobook

A photobook is a great way of having your favorite moments or memories in a book. Imagine going for a vacation, having your wedding, a graduation ceremony, or any special event and you can recollect all by merely looking at a book. That’s the...

May 02, 2020   .   4 mins read
custom mugs by Kiakiaprint
Mug Printing Methods Ideal For You

Do you know that you can print high-quality mugs online?? With kiakiaprint, you can order those personalized mugs from the comfort of your home and offices and have them delivered to you in a couple of days. We also provide amazing design services....

Apr 30, 2020   .   4 mins read
Souvernir Items from Kiakiaprint
Are You Looking For The Perfect Souvenir?

For companies, brands, and businesses, giving their existing and potential customers gift items is oftentimes a difficult task. Procurement department members often have to sift through a wide range of options, and most times, they don’t get...

Apr 29, 2020   .   4 mins read
Cloth Label printing in Lagos
Cloth Labels Designing and Printing

Did you know you can print cloth labels tags in Nigeria? That’s right, cloth labels tags that clothing brands and fashion entrepreneurs across Nigeria import from Europe and Asia, can now be printed with us in Lagos.   ...

Apr 26, 2020   .   5 mins read
Custom-printed Face Masks for Your Business

Due to the global pandemic ailing the world today, several safety measures have been put in place by different governments of various countries to curb the effects and slow the spread rate of the pandemic. One of such safety measures is the...

Apr 24, 2020   .   4 mins read
kiakiaprint notepads
5 ways your branded Notepads can be used

Branded notepads are luxury brand promotional items. They are also exotic as they have a variety of uses. As exotic and great branded notepads maybe, a dilemma can arise when trying to print them. There is the quest for quality that sometimes can...

Apr 22, 2020   .   5 mins read
Greeting cards
Popular Greeting card Categories

Looking for a special gift to give your loved one??? Something to blow their minds on that special day?? Well, we have got a secret item, GREETING CARDS!!! Yes, greeting cards. ...

Apr 22, 2020   .   5 mins read
4 Affordable Flyers and Handbills For Your Business.

Flyers are a ready and available means of advertising. They are easy to print but can pose a challenge when a large quantity of them is needed. Kiakiaprint brings a solution to this challenge. ...

Apr 21, 2020   .   5 mins read
Printing calendars with kiakiaprint
5 Unique Custom Calendars For Your Business

Calendars are essential for day to day running and regular human existence. Despite the advent of electronic time tracking devices like mobile phones, computers, and watches, printed calendars are still functional. ...

Apr 21, 2020   .   5 mins read