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Are You Looking For The Perfect Souvenir?

Apr 29, 2020   .   4 mins read

For companies, brands, and businesses, giving their existing and potential customers gift items is oftentimes a difficult task. Procurement department members often have to sift through a wide range of options, and most times, they don’t get it right mainly due to the fact that they don’t achieve the objectives they were meant to meet. 

Promotional items are perfect as end-of-year gift items, branding items, as well as for office use, for corporate organizations. 

Kiakiaprint has a number of souvenir items in our product catalogue for you to choose from. These products can help you represent your brand in more ways than one. This article highlights these products and how you can tap into them to take your business to the next level.

Customized Mousepads


Your mouse has a new home with our personalized mouse pads. Perhaps you own a company and needs customized and bespoke office stationery, mousepads are perfect. You can add your logo and other fine details to them. It helps to create a sense of corporate togetherness and a sense of belonging. 

For a more personal touch, you can gift your loved ones customized mouse pads, complete with their favorite pictures or text. You ensure that they keep a part of you, even when they are working.



Who doesn’t love a good T-shirt? T-shirts are perfect as souvenir items as they are good advertising items. Take it as a form of mobile advertising, as you showcase your brand, everywhere you enter. You can also gift your loyal and recurring clients. It is a win-win because first you are offering them value, and they can even use word of mouth to actively promote your brand. It’s like a domino effect of showcasing your brand. You can also use T-shirts as a sign of identification at a corporate event. Perhaps you have an exhibition, display, or pitch, and having your team wear the same outfit makes you stand out and easily identified.

T-shirts can also be used for more personal uses. They are perfect as birthday gifts for that special person, as well as souvenir items at weddings, burial ceremonies, etc. They tick all boxes. 


Block pads perfect for writing short notes and sending simple messages among colleagues in the office. You can add your logo, brand colours as well as contact information. They can also be given to clients as gift items. Block pads can be in square, which is standard, and in a spiral, which is another type of cool. 

Our block pads are made with bond paper and are typically 4inches by 4inches in dimension. 

Branded Flashdrives


Flashdrives are very important in this tech world. They help in transferring files from one device to the other. Many people use file transfer devices, and flash drives are one of them. Order for your customized flash drives, where you can put your logo. It’s the perfect souvenir as people will see and remember your brand, anytime they make use of them. Our customized flash drives come in 4GB and 8GB variants.

Customized Pens


Despite the advent of digital and tech devices, most people can’t imagine not going out without a pen. You can make the most of pens by actually branding them to show your logo, text, and brand colours. We have plastic pens on offer and more premium pens if you are looking at gifting more high-end prospects. 

Souvenir Items Printing In Lagos 

You don’t have to go through a lot of stress if you are looking at printing souvenir items. We have experience in printing these items, and we have a lot of satisfied clients that keep coming back because of our attention to detail and quality print. Kindly reach out to us via mail at or send us a message on our social media platforms @KiakiaPrint. We will be glad to help you with your inquiries. 

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