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Custom-printed Face Masks for Your Business

Apr 23, 2020   .   4 mins read

Due to the global pandemic ailing the world today, several safety measures have been put in place by governments of various countries to curb the effects and slow the spread rate of the pandemic. One of such safety measures is the adherence to wearing of protective face shield popularly known as FACEMASKS. These face masks help to reduce the spread and contraction of the deadly COVID 19 virus.

In recent times, due to people’s love for fashion and style, most face masks are custom-made. There is the prevalence of custom printed face masks that are branded and customized based on individual preference. Companies especially Food Manufacturing and Consumer Goods (FMCG) use custom printed face masks for their employees’ safety while creating a form of brand visibility for their brands. 

For small businesses and SMEs, the challenge of getting customized face masks for their businesses is a top question on their mind. Not to worry, Kiakiaprint, your number one ideal printer creates custom printed face masks for both big and small businesses.

Kiakiaprint provides print-on-demand face masks ranging from the smallest to the largest quantities. We also provide quality insight into the concept of face mask printing. In this article, we would be exploring the various types of custom face masks for your business.

Types of Face masks

Face masks exist in various types based on the purpose. The face masks are generally used as a protective shield, however, they are made based on user type and preference. The various types of face masks include: 

Surgical Disposable Face masks


These mostly used by health-workers and professionals. They are made with non-woven fabrics and they contain polypropylene for filter and protection. They are disposable and cannot be used multiple times. 

Cycling Masks

Cycling Masks

Cycling masks are designed for cyclists to stop them from breathing in pollution. They contain an air filter and they provide a layer against airborne particles.

Respiratory Gas Masks


These are a more sophisticated kind of face masks. They have inbuilt valves fitted with filters to keep out droplets and moisture of any kind. They are mostly used by individuals who work in hazardous conditions. In recent times, they are employed by health professionals in the virus isolation centers, wards, and places where the virus is quite prevalent. 

Cloth Masks

kiakiaprint face masks

Cloth masks are made out of breathable cloth fabrics. They can be recycled by washing when used multiple times. They are however not very effective when used in contact with people contaminated with the virus. 

Sizes of Face masks

Face masks come in a variant of sizes. There are small, medium, and big face masks. The small face masks are made mostly for children, the medium size is made for teenagers and young adults, and the big size is designed for adults. 

Printing Personalized Face Masks

Personalized face masks are made using two main printing methods. There is the screen-printing method and the digital printing method. 

Screen-printing Method 

This is the use of a printing frame when printing. The design is printed on sheet and ink and is then transferred onto the printing frame. This is a cheaper printing method and just as effective as the digital print. 

Large Format Printing 

Digital printing involves the direct printing of images onto the fabric. This print method boasts of high quality and the use of solid colours. It allows multiple colour printing and is very effective for bright-colour designs and Logos. It is slightly more expensive than the screen printing method. 

Designing Your Custom Printed Face masks

When designing custom printed face masks, minimal design is required. In some cases, the needed graphic design detail is your logo. However, if you don’t have a logo design, our designers can create one for you. You can also upload a design on our website and have it printed on your face mask. You must note that your logo should become in the required image format which is either a JPEG or TIFF file. 

Print Custom-made Face masks with Kiakiaprint

Create your personalized face masks with ease using Kiakiaprint. Kiakiaprint provides a web-to-print platform that allows you to print face masks and other print items from the comfort of your home or office. You can also visit us at our physical location, or send us a mail at We are also available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @kiakiaprint


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