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How To Make A Great Photobook

May 02, 2020   .   4 mins read

A photobook is a great way of having your favorite moments or memories in a book. Imagine going for a vacation, having your wedding, a graduation ceremony, or any special event and you can recollect all by merely looking at a book. That’s the beauty of a photobook. For photographs, it is also the final piece of the photography process; documenting great photographs into a story, that leaves the client purring with delight and happiness. 

The question thus arises as to what a great photobook should be all about. Many photographers have lost the services of potential clients by refusing to put attention to how their photobook looks like, in terms of design and finishing. They don’t know the tips and ingredients of having a beautiful book. Taking great photographs is not enough, but documenting them in a proper win is the ultimate win. What is the use of having amazing photos and no one will want to see them? 

This article highlights how you can make great photobooks. Let’s dive in. 

Ask yourself the first question 

Creating a great photobook means you have to start by asking yourself the first question. This question is, “What do you want to make?”. Define the project very early on is the best way to establish the things that need to be addressed. Is it a wedding photobook, catalog, cookbook, recipe book or a company portfolio

These questions may include the design theme, number of pages, and size of the photobook. The next thing is editing. If you know you are not a great photo editor, try engaging the services of one. Editing allows people to truly grasp the information your picture is trying to pass. 

Sequencing is very important 

The first thing to do here is to select the photos you want to use. Not all photos are photobook-worthy, and your photobook must contain the best of images. You need to have a proper order or sequence that your pictures must follow. If it’s a Nigerian wedding photobook, you wouldn’t want reception photos to come before the engagement ceremony pictures. It’s not logical, even in reality. Your photobook must show logic, in terms of event sequencing. Take sequencing as telling people a story. You don’t want to tell them the end before the story even starts. 

Consistency is king 

Reader engagement can be achieved with consistency, as it allows the reader to engage with the flow of the book. The borders, image size, and the number of images per page will need to be consistent, but you might want to throw in a surprise or two. Don’t try to be overly creative and do damage to your photobook. For a square photobook, using vertical images might not aesthetically be pleasing to the eye. It is therefore imperative you go with something simple for readability purposes. 

Try to get a second opinion 

It’s inevitable that as someone that creates something, you might miss some things. Always try to get another person’s opinion on your completed photobook, as they might and most likely point out some things you didn’t see. Be intentional about this, however, always ensure the person is a trusted friend, but professional enough not to try to hide things from you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. They’d offer insight, suggestions and opinions you’d find invaluable. 


Everyone loves the feeling of having something they can hold on to. You can go one step further by printing your photobook from a trusted photobook printer. This is quite important as design is only as good as the final outcome. You wouldn’t want a situation where your book is not properly bound or has poor finishing. 

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